Artbox Bangkok 2018 - Container Night Market is Back

Artbox Bangkok is a weekend night market in Bangkok, open on the first weekend of selected months and it was back in Bangkok in November and December 2018. The history of Artbox Bangkok continues in 2019!

Artbox Bangkok 2018 

Most of the stalls at Artbox Bangkok are housed in metal shipping containers making relocating easy. In November and December 2018 the market will be located in an open space between Semyan Market and Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park.

Artbox Bangkok

Artbox Bangkok is an unusual night market as it features stalls of local fashion brands, artworks and unique souvenirs (you won’t find all the usual tourist souvenirs here though), as well as food vendors and food trucks offering a wide variety of food. There is also a space for artists and live music from the local bands.

Artbox Bangkok 2018 

Artbox Bangkok 2018 Plan

Artbox Bangkok 2018 is going to house about 100 food stalls so you will definitely find plenty of local delicacies on sale here. There will Food Truck Zone, Food Idea Zone, What The Food Zone and several dining zones at Artbox Bangkok 2018.

There will also be the main stage at the back of the market dedicated to the main performances of the weekend and two mini stages at the front. Live music will definitely make your shopping at Artbox Bangkok 2018 exceptional!


What makes Artbox Bangkok really special if compared to other best night markets in Bangkok is the presence of art that will definitely be felt at Artbox Workshop and Graffiti Area of Artbox Bangkok 2018.

Two large areas dedicated to Fashion Zone and Fashion Sale Zone of Artbox Bangkok 2018 like always are promising to offer some trendy and at the same time unique clothes.

Full layout of Artbox Bangkok 2018 can be seen in the layout below.

Artbox Bangkok 2018 

Artbox Bangkok 2018 Location

Artbox Bangkok 2018 will be located in an open space between Semyan Market and Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park (see map below).

Artbox Bangkok 2018 

For newest information check Artbox Thailand Facebook page.

Artbox Bangkok 2018 Schedule

Artbox Bangkok 2018 will be open: 29 November - 02 December, 2018. Opening hours: from 3 pm to midnight. This was the last opening of Artbox Bangkok 2018. 

For night market's location and schedule in 2019 check here: Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?

How to get there 


The nearest to the night market MRT Metro station is Hua Lamphong Station. From there you can walk 800 meters (10 minutes) or take a Public Bus for one or two bus stops. MRT Sam Yan Station is located about 1.1 km from Artbox Bangkok 2018.


The nearest BTS SkyTrain station is National Stadium. BTS station is located about 1.5 km from Artbox Bangkok 2018 so it would take you about 20 minutes to walk there. Otherwise, you can take a motorbike taxi or use Artbox shuttle bus (waiting at Exit 2).

By Bus

Take a Public Bus to the bus stop "Samyan Market" (ตลาดสามย่าน):

  • From Thonburi Area - Bus No. 4,73
  • From Sukhumvit Area - Bus No. 4,25,73ก, 501
  • From Morchit or Victory Monument - Bus No. 29,34,73
  • Other Areas - Bus No. 34,67


If your stay in Bangkok doesn't fall on the opening days of Artbox Bangkok, visit one of other trendy night markets in Bangkok.

Artbox Bangkok market's location and schedule in 2019 can be found here: Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?