Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?

Artbox Bangkok is a weekend night market in Bangkok that is normally open on the first weekend of selected months. Artbox Bangkok 2018 was really successful so Artbox Thailand continued organizing Artbox Bangkok 2019 market in Bangkok. At the beginning of the year the market was moving between the venues but currently Artbox Bangkok is set up permanently. Where? Read below!

Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019? 

Artbox Bangkok market's stalls housed in metal shipping containers are normally placed in large open spaces of Thai capital city. Artbox Bangkok 2019 was first set up at the Square B of Central World shopping mall, then moved to Samyan Market and spent one weekend at Emquartier before moving permanently to Chuvit Park in Central Bangkok.


At Artbox Bangkok you can find plenty of vendors selling something really special as that's the thing making this night market so popular between locals and visitors of Thai capital.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?

Artbox Bangkok is an unusual night market so don't expect to find usual touristy souvenirs such as "Chang" t-shirts or elephant pants here. For stuff like this you should choose another Bangkok night market.

However, if you're into creativity, you will definitely like strolling between rows of stalls selling local fashion brands, artworks and unique accessories. Artbox Bangkok 2019 attracts big number of local designers selling their own works. 

Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?

Creative foods is another thing that makes Artbox Bangkok so special. You will find many creatively served snacks and drinks here, so come with an empty stomach and open mind for trying as many delicacies as you can. Vendors selling food at Artbox Bangkok changes constantly so even if you've visited this night market before, you will definitely find something new at Artbox Bangkok 2019.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?

Normally, there is also a space for artists and live music with the local bands heating up the atmosphere from the stage. Artbox Bangkok 2019 features local bands on the stage so hanging out here is really fun.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 – Where’s Container Market in 2019?

Artbox Bangkok 2019 Permanent Location

From 30 May 2019 Artbox Bangkok is residing at Chuvit Garden in Central Bangkok permanently!

The permanent location of Artbox Bangkok is very convenient as the market can easily be reached by BTS SkyTrain.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 Past Locations

Artbox Bangkok 2019 was at first located at Square B of Central World shopping mall in the downtown of Bangkok.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 at Central World

Later in February 2019 the market was located in an open space between Samyan Market and Chulalongkorn University Centenary Park, where Artbox Bangkok 2018 was located at the end of last year.

Artbox Thailand changed the venue of Artbox Bangkok 2019 in March and April was changed from Samyan Market to a more convenient location - Chuvit Garden. Chuvit Garden is a private park in Bangkok, at Sukhumvit Soi 10. The park can be conveniently reached by BTS as it's located between Nana and Asok BTS stations. After successful weekends here it was decided to move there permanently later this year.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 was also housed at Emquartier shopping mall for one weekend in March 2019. Artbox Bangkok at Emquartier had only Food Zone and Fashion Zone so it wasn't as charming as it is set up in open-air venues.


For newest information check Artbox Thailand Facebook page.

Artbox Bangkok 2019 Schedule

From 30 May 2019 Artbox Bangkok is residing at Chuvit Garden permanently!

Artbox Bangkok opening hours: 16:00 - midnight

Artbox Bangkok 2019 schedule until now was as follows:

  • 1 - 3 February, 2019
  • 8 - 10 February, 2019 at Samyan Market
  • 8 - 10 March, 2019 at Samyan Market at Chuvit Garden 
  • 21 - 24 March, 2019 at Emquartier (Artbox Bangkok opening hours: 10 am - 10 pm)
  • 5 - 7 April, 2019 at Samyan Market at Chuvit Garden
  • 25-28 April, 2019 at Chuvit Garden (Artbox Bangkok opening hours: 10 am - midnight)
  • 2-5 May, 2019 at Chuvit Garden
  • 9-12 May, 2019 at Chuvit Garden CANCELED! 

How to get there

Artbox Bangkok at Chuvit Garden

The easiest way to get to Artbox Bangkok at Chuvit Garden is by taking BTS SkyTrain to Nana station or Asok station as the park is located on Sukhumvit Road between these 2 BTS stations (about 250 m from Nana and 350 m from Asok).

Artbox Bangkok at Central World

The easiest way to go to Artbox Bangkok 2019 is by taking BTS SkyTrain to Chidlom Station or Siam Station and then walking on the skywalk to Central World shopping mall, as Central World is in the middle between these two BTS stations.

Artbox Bangkok at Samyan Market

By MRT: The nearest MRT Metro station is Hua Lamphong. From there you can walk for 10 minutes or take a Public Bus for one or two bus stops. There will also be a free shuttle van running from MRT Hua Lamphong station to Artbox Bangkok at least this weekend (08-10 February). Van will be waiting at the Exit No. 3 and will operate from 17:00 to 22:30.

By BTS: The nearest BTS SkyTrain station is National Stadium. BTS station is located about 1.5 km from the market. If you are not willing to walk that far, consider taking a motorbike taxi.

By Bus: Take a Public Bus to the bus stop "Samyan Market":

  • From Thonburi Area - Bus No. 4,73
  • From Sukhumvit Area - Bus No. 4,25,73ก, 501
  • From Morchit or Victory Monument - Bus No. 29,34,73
  • Other Areas - Bus No. 34,67 

Artbox Bangkok at Emquartier

The easiest way to get there is by taking BTS SkyTrain to Phrom Phong (E5) station (Exit 1) on the Sukhumvit Line. The skywalk directly connects BTS SkyTrain station with Emquartier shopping mall.


If your stay in Bangkok doesn't fall on the opening days of Artbox Bangkok, visit one of other trendy night markets in Bangkok.

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