Mo Chit Bus Station - Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal, also known as Mo Chit Bus Station, Mo Chit Mai, New Mo Chit, Mo Chit 2 and Chatuchak Bus Terminal, is a bus station located in the north of the city center, close to Chatuchak Weekend Market on Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road in Chatuchak District, Bangkok.

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal is the largest bus transportation hub in Bangkok, providing comprehensive city bus routes including long-distance bus services to Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Chiang Rai), Northeast Thailand and few other central and eastern destinations such as Ayutthaya, Lopburi, Chonburi (including Pattaya), Trat (including Koh Chang). There are few bus routes that go to the southern part of the country as well. 

Old Mo Chit Bus Station

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal was moved to its current location from another place. This is why many locals call it as the New Mo Chit or Mo Chit 2. The old Mo Chit bus terminal was formerly a northern bus station located on Phaholyothin Road, just opposite to Chatuchak Weekend Market. At the present, the original building is used as BTS maintenance center and station territory is used as a parking lot for those who use BTS SkyTrain and MRT Metro services.

The old Mo Chit bus station is sometimes used to facilitate passengers coming back to hometowns during holidays when Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal is not able to serve all buses and passengers. During peak days some companies move their buses to the old Mo Chit bus station and ask passengers to leave from there to reduce the number of buses and passengers at Mo Chit 2 Bus Terminal. 

Facilities and Amenities at Bus Station

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal is an air-conditioned bus station that provides comfortable seating, a food center and a convenience store that sells snacks and drinks.

The ticket counters on the ground floor serve the northern region, while the counters on the 3rd floor provides ticket for other long-distance routes.

There is a food center on the 3rd floor of Mo Chit Bus Station building.

The luggage storage is on the 3rd floor near the food court entrance. The left luggage office is open from 05:00 to 22:00.

There are Mini Mart and 7-Eleven near the entrance to the 3rd floor and a small shop downstairs near the departure platform.

Ticket Reservation and Purchase

There is a big number of ticket counters at Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal. For the most popular destinations, there are many companies serving the same route throughout the day. Normally, there’s no need to book tickets in advance as you can buy a ticket at the bus station 30 minutes before departure time. However, during holiday periods such as New Year and Songkran Festival in April, booking in advance is necessary unless you can wait few hours with the crowd at the bus terminal for the next bus to depart.

Some of the bus companies offer their own online-booking systems so you can visit their websites and book your seats in advance. If you are staying in the city, you can go to the bus station a day or two before your trip and buy your ticket there. Otherwise you can use online system Bookaway for booking of you bus ticket.

All tickets are sold on a fare basis so there are no discounts, but if you buy a 2-way journey ticket, some companies might offer you a small discount for a return trip. 


There are 3 types of buses provided at Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal.

  • VIP buses with more space between the seats that are priced higher but provide more comfort to the passengers during the journey.
  • 1st Class Air-Conditioned Buses offering direct service.
  • 2nd Class Air-Conditioned Buses that generally have frequent stops to pick up passengers so the journey on such a bus might take a bit longer.

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal


The biggest part of Bangkok van routes were moved from Victory Monument to Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal, where a separate van station called Mochit New Van Terminal or Minibus Station Chatuchak was opened recently for the convenience of passengers. 

Popular Destinations 

Chiang Mai

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal is served by a big number of air-conditioned buses running to Chiang Mai all day. Buses from Bangkok to Chiang Mai depart every hour, most of them leaving in the evening from 17:30 to 23:30. It takes about 9 hours to travel in the day time while it can take up to 12 hours for overnight bus. Bus fare normally ranges from 600 to 900 Baht depending on the type of bus. 

Chiang Rai

Buses depart from Mo Chit Bus Station to Chiang Rai quite frequently and most of them leave in the evening from 17:30 until 20:30. The distance between the cities is about 795 km. The journey takes about 11-12 hours for overnight bus and costs about 550-700 Baht (more for VIP buses). Buses from Bangkok arrive at Chiang Rai Bus Terminal 2.


Buses depart from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Sukhothai every hour from 7:00 to 21:00. The distance of this route is about 435 km. The journey takes about 7-8 hours and costs about 350 Baht.


Buses depart from Mo Chit Bus Terminal to Kanchanaburi almost every hour from 4:00 to 18:00. The distance of the route is about 200 km. The journey takes about 3-4 hours and costs about 150 Baht. 


Buses to Pattaya are provided by Roong Reuang Coach. Buses of this company depart approximately every 30 to 40 minutes. The first bus leaves at 04:30 and the last at 22:00. The journey from Mo Chit Bus Station to Pattaya takes about 2 hours 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on traffic conditions. The current fare is 117 baht per person. The bus brings passengers to its own bus terminal on North Pattaya road.

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal - Pattaya

Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Buses from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Phnom Penh in Cambodia leave at 5 am and arrive at 6 pm. The journey takes 13 hours and costs 1,020 Baht per person. The arrival point in Phnom Penh is in the center of the city near the Tonle Sap River and the Giant Ibis bus station, from where you can travel onward to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam

Roi Et

Buses departing from Mo Chit Bus Station to Roi Et are offered by Sahaphan Roi Et Tour. Sahaphan Roi Et Tour has 3 daily departures but all the departures are at night. The distance of this route is about 565 km. The journey takes about 9 hours and costs about 400-500 Baht. 


Buses departing from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Lampang are offered by 2 companies, Porn Piriya Tour and Siam First Tour. There are 4 daily departures. The first bus from Bangkok to Lampang is at 8:45 and others at 20:20, 20:21 and 20:51. The journey takes about 8-9 hours and costs about 420-500 Baht.


Buses from Mo Chit Bus Station to Phitsanulok depart every hour between 07:00 and 23:00. The distance of this route is about 400 km. The journey takes about 6-7 hours and costs about 270-320 Baht. 

Ubon Ratchathani

Buses departing from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Ubon Ratchathani are offered by many bus companies such as Air Ubon, Chanapai Tour, Lotus Phibun Tour, Phu Kradueng Tour, Rungprasert Tour and Yasothon Tour. The total journey takes about 10 hours and costs about 455-600 Baht. 

Udon Thani

The route from Mo Chit Bus Station to Udon Thani is also served by many bus companies such as Air Udon, Budsarakham Tour,  Sawadee Esan and Esan Tour. The total journey can take about 8-9.5 hours, depending on the bus. Ticket for a trip from Bangkok to Udon Thani costs about 430-550 Baht.

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal


Buses from Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal to Loei are operated by 2 companies - Sun Bus and Phu Kradueng Tour. The journey from Bangkok to Loei normally takes about 8-9 hours and costs about 450-650 Baht.

From Loei you can easily reach Chiang Khan


If you have a specific time of bus departure in your mind, booking a ticket in advance is recommended as buses for the most popular routes quite often fill up, especially during holidays. You can check the schedule and book ticket by using this search form.

During the high season and public holidays, it is recommended to book a ticket online in advance due to the high demand for departures from Bangkok to various regions of Thailand. 

Nearby places

Mochit New Van Terminal, JJ Mall, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Chatuchak Friday Night Market, Children's Museum, Chatuchak Park, Antique Shops 

How to get there

Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal can be conveniently reached by public transportation.


The easiest way to go from Central Bangkok to Mo Chit Bus Station is by taking MRT Metro to Kamphaeng Phet Station (Exit 1). From there you can take a public bus (No. 9, 138, 145, 509), motorbike, taxi or walk for about 2 km. 


Take BTS SkyTrain to Mo Chit BTS Station. From there to Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal you can take a public bus (No. 96, 138), motorbike, taxi or walk for about 2.3 km. 

By Bus

Take Public Bus No. 3, 5, 9, 16, 77, 96, 104, 122, 136, 138, 145, 170, 509, 517, 529, 536, 547 or A1 Bus going directly from Don Mueang Airport and drop off at Mo Chit Bus Terminal bus stop.

From Suvarnabhumi Airport

From Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) take Airport Rail Link to Makkasan Station. Then change to MRT Metro at MRT Phetchaburi Station and take the train to Chatuchak Park station or Kampheng Phet station. Then take a taxi, motorbike or public bus (No. 9, 138, 145, 509) to Bangkok Northern Bus Terminal.

From Don Mueang Airport

From Don Mueang Airport (DMK) take A1 Bus directly to Mo Chit Bus Station. The journey on this route takes about 45 minutes and the fare is 30 Baht.

From Victory Monument

From Victory Monument take public bus No. 77, 157, 509 or 536 all the way to Mo Chit Bus Station. During important festivals such as Songkran Festival, there are always free shuttle buses going from Victory Monument to Mo Chit 2 as well.

Other Bangkok’s Bus Terminals

There are 3 bus terminals in Bangkok and you need to choose one depending on your desired destination. Other two Bangkok’s Bus Terminals are:

Bangkok Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekkamai)

From Bangkok Eastern (Ekkamai) Bus Terminal buses and minivans depart to the destinations in Eastern Thailand (PattayaKoh ChangKoh Samet) and few southern destinations such as Hua Hin and Samut Songkhram (Maeklong).

Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai)

From Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) buses and minivans depart to the destinations in Southern Thailand (PhuketKrabiHua Hin, Surat Thani) and Central Thailand (Kanchanaburi, Samut Songkhram).

Any Questions?

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