Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019

Loy Krathong is coming! Loy Krathong is a nationwide festival and will be celebrated throughout Thailand on the full moon of the 12th month of the traditional lunar calendar. This year Loy Krathong festival will be held on 11 November 2019 (not 13 November 2019 like some of websites are stating!). During this time, you can be a part of the great ancient Thai traditions and get a real glimpse of Thai cultural history.

The way of Loy Krathong celebration is slightly different in each region of Thailand but the riversides all around the country fill up with the lights from thousands of candles twinkling on the water. We have selected the best Loy Krathong venues around the country for you to join this festival celebration.


River Festival 2019

Date: 9-11 November 2019

Time: 17:00 - 22:30

River Festival is an annual event of Loy Krathong festival which is held in Bangkok. This year it comes with the theme "River Consonance". River Festival will be held at 10 venues: Wat Pho, Tha Maharaj, Wat Rakhang, Wat Arun, Wat Kalaya, Wat Prayoon, Yodpiman River Walk, Lhong1919, ICONSIAM and Asiatique the Riverfront.

There will be various Loy Krathong activities in different venues taking place at River Festival 2019, from Paying Respects to the Reclining Buddha, Krathong Floating, and Riverside Community Market to Traditional Cultural Performances along the Chao Phraya River.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019

The Delightful Colours of River Loy Krathong Festival

Date: 9-11 November 2019

Time: 16:00 – 24:00

One of the most popular venues for Loy Krathong celebration in Bangkok is Santi Chaiprakan Park where you can join the traditional celebration of Loy Krathong along the Chao Phraya River. The event at Santi Chaiprakan Park is called "The Delightful Colours of River Loy Krathong Festival".

There are many activities to join such as learning to make your own traditional Krathong which is made from natural materials, enjoying spectacular processions and impressive cultural performances. In the event, there will also be a demonstration of the traditional Thai way of life including workshops of Royal Thai Cuisine cooking and floral garland making.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019

Other Loy Krathong Festival Venues

For those who are planning to spend Loy Krathong in Bangkok and still haven’t decided where to go for this Thai festival celebration, we have listed the venues around the city that are very convenient to go to for celebration in Bangkok: 5 Places to go for Loy Krathong in Bangkok near BTS, MRT.

Chiang Mai

Loy Krathong and Yee Peng Lantern Festivals 2019

Date: 11-12 November 2019

Chiang Mai offers an exciting and unique experience that you should definitely see at least once in a lifetime. Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai is celebrated together with the Yee Peng (also called Yi Peng) Festival which is also known as Thailand Lantern Festival. During Yee Peng Festival people light up Lanna-style hot-air lanterns (called khom loi or khom lui) and launch them into the sky. Magnificent view!

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019

The most popular place for locals and tourists to celebrate Loy Krathong and Yee Peng in Chiang Mai is on the riverside of the Ping River. The areas around Tha Pae Gate, Nawarat Bridge and the Iron Bridge are the best spots for releasing Krathongs to the river and lanterns into the sky.

Enjoy your holiday trip to Thailand this November and join the immersive Yee Peng Lantern Festival by booking special experience here:


Loy Kratong Sai Festival

Date: 9-13 November 2019

Loy Krathongat in Tak is held at the foot of the Bangkok Bicentennial Bridge. Loy Krathong in Tak has a slightly different name as the festival here is called Loy Krathong Sai Festival. The customs of Loy Krathong Sai Festival in Tak are slightly different from the customs of the festival in the other parts of Thailand. People here release Krathong Sai (coconut-shell Krathongs) to flow in lines along the river. Looking from a distance, the Krathongs become a beautiful long chain of bright glittering lights. This year, there will be the floating of 1,000 small votive candle Krathongs.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019


Loy Krathong Festival 2019

Date: 11 November 2019

In Pattaya, Loy Krathong Festival 2019 will be held all across the town and beach. The main places for locals and tourists to enjoy the event are activity areas of ​​Central Pattaya (Pattaya Beach), Jomtien Beach and Lan Po Public Park in Na Kluea. The highlights are the Children’s Noppamas beauty Contest and the Krathong invention from natural materials contest including the cultural and artistic performances.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019


Loi Krathong Si

Date: 9-11 November 2019

In the province of Ratchaburi, there will be a celebration called Loi Krathong Si Festival 2019 at Wat Sai Ari Rak. The Mon people celebrate Loi Krathong Si in a unique way by lighting candles around the temple, letting the Krathong cups made from eco-friendly color paper float along the Mae Klong River and taking part in Buddhist ceremonies to pay respect to the Buddha.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019


Sukhothai Loi Krathong and Candle Festival 2019

Date: 2-11 November 2019

Although Loy Krathong is celebrated across the country now, Sukhothai, the first Thai capital, is the place where this festival was first celebrated. The highlights of the Sukhothai Loy Krathong celebration include displays of lighted candles and fireworks show, folk dancing performances and spectacular light & sound presentations in front of Wat Mahathat at Sukhothai Historical Park.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019


Loy Krathong Song Kwae

Date: 7-11 November 2019

Loy Krathong in Phitsanulok is called Loy Krathong Song Kwae, meaning Loy Krathong at the town of two rivers. The name "Song Kwae" originates from 2 important rivers as Kwae Noi River comes from the north and joins up with Nan River in the town area that divides Phitsanulok town into east and west banks.

Loy Krathong in Phitsanulok will be held in the area of Wat Phra Sri Ratana Mahathat on 10-11 November 2019 and at Chom Nan Chaloem Phrakiat Public Park on 7-11 November 2019. There will be plenty of interesting activities at the festival such as temple fair, traditional folk dance, traditional movies, Thai chess competition, Phitsanulok local food and many contests such as big Krathong parade, Baby Noppamas Contest and Miss Noppamas Contest.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019


Ancient Capital Loy Krathong Festival

Date: 11 November 2019

Ancient Capital Loy Krathong Festival or Loy Krathong Krung Kao in Ayutthaya is the place where you can experience the Ayutthaya-style Loy Krathong festival. Major event of the Loy Krathong festival will be held at 4 Corners of the Ayutthaya Old City: under Pridi Thamrong Bridge, in front of National Museum-Chandrakasem Pom Petch, in front of Chedi Si Suriyothai and by the Monument of King Naresuan the Great near Thung Phu Khao Thong.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019

There will be many activities such as floating Krathongs made from fresh flowers, Nang Nopphamat (beautiful woman) and Nu Noi Nopphamat (cute girl) contests, cultural stage performances and OTOP exhibition (local handicrafts, cotton and silk garments, pottery, fashion accessories, household items and lots of delicious food).

Samut Songkhram

Loy Krathong Kap Kluai

Date: 11 November 2019

Time: 17:00 onwards

Loy Krathong Kap Kluai on the Mae Klong River in Samut Songkhram is unique and presents an ancient tradition of using local natural resources for making Krathongs without damaging the environment. Krathong Kap Kluai is made from the fibrous layer of the “trunk” of the banana plant.

In the event, there will be over 200,000 Krathong Kap Kluai. The activities at the festival venue will include Krathong contest, beautiful fire boat contest, Nang Nopphamat contest, folk culture show, demonstration of Krathong Kap Kluai and much more.

Top Places in Thailand to Celebrate Loy Krathong Festival in 2019

Loy Krathong in Thailand

Loy Krathong festival will be celebrated not only in the venues listed above but across the whole nation so don’t miss a chance to join in. In fact, you can get a Krathong with the candles lit and a couple of baht coins inside of it as an offering to the water spirits, bring it to the riverside, the beach or even to the swimming pool (if your hotel is holding a party of floating Krathongs) and enjoy Thai festivity!

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