This half-day trip itinerary is exactly the same like we’ve completed when visiting Chachoengsao from Bangkok by using exclusively local transportation along the way.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

If you’re looking for a local experience, traveling to Chachoengsao will live up to your expectations since Chachoengsao is the town which is packed exclusively with local tourists on weekends. The town gives a glimpse of Thailand culture with many temples and sacred places to worship and the old market to visit. 

10:00 Makkasan Train Station

Chachoengsao is a town about 60 km east of Bangkok. You can take a train on the Eastern line from Hua Lamphong station or any other station on the line, the same way as going to Aranyaprathet and Pattaya. We started our trip from Makkasan Train Station and bought our tickets for the train No. 367. Train ticket costs 12 baht per person.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

10:35 Train Makkasan Station - Chachoengsao Junction

The train was coming from Hua Lamphong station a bit late as the departure time from Makkasan Station should be 10:30 am. 

11:45 Chachoengsao Junction

We arrived at Chachoengsao Junction Train Station and it took us about 1 hour and 10 minutes to reach the place. We walked to the train station office to check the train schedule for the trip back to Bangkok as taking a train is by far the cheapest way to travel between Bangkok and Chachoengsao and the most convenient one if you’re staying nearby one of train stations.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

Next to the ticket office, there are yellow songtaews parked for bringing people to Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan. It took us just about 10 minutes from Chachoengsao Train Station to the temple. The fare is 8 baht per person.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

12:00 Wat Sothon Wararam Worawihan

We arrived at Wat Sothon which is an iconic tourist attraction in Chachoengsao. During our visit the temple was crowded as the Luang Por Sothorn is highly respected by the local residents and all Thai people. We’ve visited the new main hall first and were really impressed by the architecture of the building.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

Another hall of Wat Sothon is even more popular and interesting as here you will see many people carrying baskets full of eggs for praying to Luang Por Sothorn once their wishes get fulfilled. It is very interesting to watch how people are doing their praying rituals in this temple and learn some of Thai cultural aspects.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

12:45 Wat Sothon - 100 Year Baan Mai Market

After leaving the temple, we just crossed the road to the local market on the opposite side of the street where you can find various local snacks and drinks like palm sugar juice.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

The next destination is 100 Year Baan Mai Market. Unfortunately, we had to wait for the blue songtaew for more than 20 mins and almost gave up for getting a tuk-tuk instead. But we kept waiting!

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

13:15 Songtaew to 100 Year Baan Mai Market

Once the blue songtaew finally arrived, we took it to the Police station and dropped off there to change to another songtaew. Songtaew ride cost us 8 baht per person again.

It didn’t take long to get on the white/yellow songtaew which passes 100 Year Baan Mai Market and we arrived at the market just 5 minutes later.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

13:20 100 Year Baan Mai Market

We made it to 100 Year Baan Mai Market. The market is made up of many wooden houses. There are many local things to eat, and many items to buy.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

We had our local style lunch at the noodle shop and grabbed some snacks to eat along the river. It reminded of the old Thai style atmosphere where many locals hang out, just to eat and shop.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

14:30 Songtaew to Train Station

We walked out from the market and took the same white/yellow colored songtaew to the train station. The journey to the train station took about 20 minutes as the songtaew stopped and waited for the customers by the market before continuing the trip to the train station. We dropped off on the opposite side of the road from the train station but there’s an overpass for crossing the busy road safely.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

14:50 Chachoengsao Junction Train Station

We bought our ticket back to Bangkok for the train No. 282. It cost 12 baht per person. The train departed on time, at 15:34.

Half Day Trip: Chachoengsao

Budget per person

Train - 24 Baht (Round Trip)

Songtaew - 32 Baht (or tuk-tuk - 300 Baht)

Food & Drinks = 200-400 Baht


This half-day trip from Bangkok to Chachoengsao is a great way to escape the chaos and tourist crowds of Thai capital. It’s definitely recommended to anyone willing to experience the local side of Thailand.

The list of other interesting tourist attractions in Chachoengsao that can be included into your trip itinerary can be found here: Chachoengsao Travel - Best Things to See & Do.

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