Dinosaur Planet - Amusement Park in Bangkok

Dinosaur Planet is an amusement park with over 12,000 square meters of space located at the EmSphere of the EM District in Bangkok's Sukhumvit area.

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is permanently closed from 20th of April, 2018.

Dinosaur Planet

The park is easy to find as it is between Sukhumvit Soi 22 and 24 next to Benjasiri Park and just a short walk from BTS SkyTrain Phrom Phong Station.

Dinosaur Planet is divided into 8 zones.

1. Dinosaur District

The first zone presents displays with information about dinosaurs. Species of dinosaurs and their life cycles are displayed here. You will find skeletons of Brachiosaurus, Triceratops and Stegosaurus exhibited as well as the lab where you can watch a dinosaur in a process of hatching in this zone.

 Dinosaur Planet

2. Stars of Dino

Stars of Dino is the highlight area where you will walk through the concrete walkway and experience the three historic periods of dinosaur – Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. Some of dinosaurs move their heads or tails a little bit and some of them make a scary noise. There are panels giving more information about them such as where did they live and what food did they like.

 Dinosaur Planet

3. Dino Eye

The Dino Eye is basically an air-conditioned over 50 metres high Ferris wheel where you can enjoy a nice view over the Bangkok city. There is an additional charge of 200 baht per person for the Dino Eye ride which is really overpriced!

4. 4D Deep-World

4D Deep-World is a 4D graphics movie ride where you can go deep under the ground and find the land of dinosaurs millions years ago. The quality of 4D ride is not high as it’s outdated. Over all, it is a good ride but younger kids might be a bit freaked out after the ride.

5. The Great Volcano & The Extinction Live Show

This is a live show of a volcano eruption in the prehistoric world, with dazzling light and sound. The show was ok. Keep in mind that the show is only available in the evening at 06.30pm, 7.15pm on weekdays and an additional round at 08.00pm on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays so plan your trip accordingly.

6. Raptor X-Treme

The Raptor X-Treme is an attraction where you get chased by a raptor. You have to complete a mission to find the hidden key and open the raptor cage while being chased all the time. You will see fake dead bodies and blood splattered everywhere. It’s fun but can be scary at times for younger kids because of the loud noises.

Dinosaur Planet

For safety reasons, visitors are advised to wear sneakers when entering this zone as high heels and sandals are not allowed.

7. Dino Farm

There is a farm where children can ride a dinosaur and play in the sand bunker where they can dig up T-Rex fossils. They charge 100 baht per person extra for this attraction.

8. 7D Amazing Park

7D Amazing Park is the newest zone where you can spend 2 minutes playing on the platform with the animals of various species whether in Safari, Ice land in the Arctic, Dive into the Deep Sea or Go back to the Jurassic era. You can buy a photo from your 7D experience.

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 10.00am – 08.00pm (The Ticket booth office is closed at 07.00pm)

Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays: 10.00am – 09.00pm (The Ticket booth office is closed at 08.00pm)

Dinosaur Planet Bangkok is permanently closed from 20th of April, 2018!

Dinosaur Planet

Admission Fee

Adult: 510 baht

Children between 90 cm - 140 cm height: 340 Baht (Free admission for children under 90 cm)

The fee excludes Dino Eye and Dino Farm but you can buy tickets separately at Dinosaur Planet:

    • Dino Eye (Giant Wheel) - 200 baht per person
    • Dino Farm (Dinosaur Ride) - 100 baht per person
    • 7D Amazing Park - 89 baht per person

How to get there

BTS SkyTrain

Take BTS SkyTrain to Phrom Phong station (E5), take Exit No. 6 and walk up the Sukhumvit Road about 100 m - the park is right on the main road next to Benjasiri Park.


There is no parking lot at Dinosaur Planet but the EmQuartier car park is available at the Emporium and EmQuartier shopping malls.


There are many promotions and discounts from 15 to 30 percent available for various types of AIS and Bangkok Bank customers, and M Card holders.

The park can get very hot due to the weather in Bangkok so wear a hat and put some sunscreen on.

The park is fun and suitable for all ages but some noisy dinos may be too scary for younger kids.