Winter Beer Garden 2018 at Central World in Bangkok

Beer gardens are one of the highlights of the winter holiday celebration in Bangkok. The beer garden is a roofed outdoor space that serves beer and food in a lively atmosphere created by cheerful people and live music. Beer gardens can be found around Bangkok but if you are looking for the most popular one, head to Winter Beer Garden at Central World shopping mall.

Chang Beer Garden

Chang, the top selling beer in Thailand, at Central World again presents Chang Sensory Trails. Chang Sensory Trails is a global campaign that brings the vibrancy of Thai food culture to the world but it came back to Bangkok for winter holidays. The campaign is the same as last year, the setup of the garden also. But you don't fix that is not broken, right? Chang Beer Garden is usually the busiest one here.

Chang Beer Garden

Various local bands perform at Chang Beer Garden. The line up of artists you can see performing here in December is as follows:

  • Aof Pongsak (4 Dec)
  • Ben Chalatit (6 Dec)
  • Pang Nakarin (11 Dec)
  • Cocktail (13 Dec)
  • Lula (14 Dec)
  • Modern Dog (18 Dec)
  • Joeyboy (20 Dec)
  • Instinct (21 Dec)
  • Palmy (25 Dec)
  • Atom (28 Dec)
  • Lipta (31 Dec)

Food, Fun, Friends - these are the three most important things making the evening spent at Chang Beer Garden exceptional!

Chang Beer Garden

Singha & Leo Beer Garden

The second most popular Thai beer Singha opened its beer garden at Central World in Bangkok as well. 

Singha Beer Garden

Singha Beer Garden is usually full of people who prefer this 100% barley malt Thai beer. People visiting Singha Beer Garden have a wider choice of beers as this beer garden is shared by Singha and the beer of its subsidiary company - Leo.

Singha Beer Garden

Singha & Leo Beer Garden also offers lots of live music. The line up of artists you can see performing here in December is as follows:

  • 25 Hours (4 Dec)
  • Mild Dose (6 Dec)
  • Ink+Earth (8 Dec)
  • The Toys (12 Dec)
  • Super Project (14 Dec)
  • Silly+Dax (25 Dec)
  • Frame (28 Dec)
  • Prem (29 Dec)
  • Clash (30 Dec)
  • Zeal+Ur Boy TJ (31 Dec)

Outside Singha Beer Garden you can buy some cool original Singha souvenirs. If you're a real fan of this beer, don't miss a chance to get something for you!

Heineken Beer Garden

Heineken Beer Garden at Central World in 2018 comes with the concept “STAR VOYAGER”.

Heineken Beer Garden

Dutch beer brand Heineken is the most popular foreign beer in Thailand. Heineken Beer Garden offers a laid-back atmosphere with cold beer, tasty snacks and live music several times a week.

Heineken Beer Garden

Check for the huge mirror outside Heineken Beer Garden, it's a perfect spot to make selfies in the background of Christmas decorations that are set up near Central World shopping mall this year!

Federbräu Beer Garden

The newest addition to Thailand most popular beer list is Federbräu beer. The beer garden of this German beer is called Federbräu Red Feather Club!

Federbräu Beer Garden

Federbräu Beer Garden gives an opportunity to experience real German taste of the single malt beer and German food in a perfect outdoor atmosphere at Central World in Bangkok.

Federbräu Beer Garden

Plenty of live music is offered at Federbräu Beer Garden. The line up of artists you can see performing here in December is as follows:

  • Be Peerapat (1 Dec)
  • Pete Pol (7 Dec)
  • Gam, Wichayanee (8 Dec)
  • Pop Pongkool (12 Dec)
  • 60 Miles (14 Dec)
  • ETC (15 Dec)
  • Oat Pramote (19 Dec)
  • Soul After Six (21 Dec)
  • Two Popertorn (22 Dec)
  • Wan Thanakrit (25 Dec)
  • Tattoo Colour (26 Dec)
  • Stamp (29 Dec)
  • Musketeers, Aof Pongsak (31 Dec)

Grab your beer and celebrate Christmas Thai way at Central World in Bangkok!

Opening Hours

As Winter Beer Garden at Central World is really popular, in 2018 the duration of it was doubled. Winter season celebration with all Thailand's most popular beer brands is taking place from 1st of November to 31st of December 2018.

Winter Beer Garden at Central World is open every night from 5 pm until midnight.

How to get there

The easiest way to get there is by taking BTS SkyTrain to Chidlom Station or Siam Station and then walking on the skywalk to Central World shopping mall, as Central World is in the middle between these two BTS stations.


Visit nearby Christmas decorations at Central World and make tons of Christmas photos at wOrld Of Happiness @CentralwOrld.

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