wOrld Of Happiness @CentralwOrld - Christmas Celebration in Bangkok 2018

2019 is coming soon...
If you are looking for a place to take beautiful Christmas lighting photos in the heart of Bangkok, don’t miss seeing giant Christmas decorations in the front yard of Central World shopping mall.

Christmas decorations here are open for public from November 15, 2018 to January 7, 2019 and the lights are turned on at 6 pm every day.

Christmas decorations at Central World come up with the theme of “wOrld Of Happiness @CentralwOrld” with a famous "Smiley" face ICON inside and in front of the mall to mark the beginning of happiness in New Year.

8 Zones to Check at wOrld Of Happiness @CentralwOrld

1. Gateway

The entrance of Christmas Zone is decorated with LED lights and Smiley face icon. This 4.5 meters high and 18 meters long decoration welcomes all the visitors with the name "wOrld Of Happiness 2019".

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

2. Christmas Tree

The signature of Christmas Celebration at Central Word is over 13 meters high Christmas tree decorated with yellow smiley faces in various forms. It fills up the area with joy and smiles, making the atmosphere here really festive.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

3. Swarovski Christmas Merry-Go-Round

Swarovski Christmas Merry-Go-Round is the highlight of the event at Central World this year. Christmas Merry Go Round is decorated with 4,000,000 pieces of Swarovski crystals of a unique blue color and a shiny silver ribbons. The concept is inspired by the Christmas fairytale.

Those who are interested can purchase ticket at the site for only 400 baht per person and enjoy Merry-Go-Round with the Light Up Show every day from 8 pm onwards. Additionally, all proceeds from the sale of tickets will be donated to 4 charity organizations.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

4. Smiley UFO Island

There is also a Smiley UFO Zone at Central World. Here you will see a 4 to 5-meter-high flywheel with a yellow Smiley face on the top of it and flashing lights running around.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

5. Smiley Spirit Island

Smiley Spirit Island is another zone not to be missed at Central World. It is an over 7 meters high circular tunnel with a big Smiley face in the middle surrounded by green firing flames.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

6. Santa Island

There is a 5-meter Santa Smiley that can be seen from a distance sending a big smile to everyone.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

7. Gingerbread Island

There’s a huge (over 5.5 meters of height) gingerbread man with a Smiley face to welcome you at the Christmas celebration zone of Central World. Don’t miss a chance to take a picture with this cute symbol of Christmas.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

8. Smiley Caravan

Smiley Caravan is the place where you will meet a Smiley Santa Claus with his reindeers. This is another cute zone for getting some joyful Christmas photos, as there are many reindeers and Santa Claus standing along the wall. The length of all this smiling procession is up to 18 meters.

wOrld Of Happiness @CentrawOrld

How to get there

The easiest way to get there is by taking BTS SkyTrain to Chidlom Station or Siam Station and then walking on the skywalk to Central World shopping mall, as Central World is in the middle between these two BTS stations.


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