Thai visa extension lets you extend your stay in Thailand after the expiration date of your entry stamp. The allowed duration of Thailand visa extension depends on the way you’ve entered the country and the type of tourist visa you were using when entering. How can you extend your stay in Thailand?

Duration of Thai Visa Extension

There are two options for duration of Thailand tourist visa extension – extension by 30 days and extension by 7 days.

Your stay in Thailand can be extended by 30 days if you have:

Thai Visa Extension: How to Extend Your Stay in Thailand

Your stay in Thailand can be extended by 7 days if you have:

  • 15 day entry stamp which is given when entering the country with Thailand Visa on Arrival;
  • passport of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Nepal, Togo, Nigeria or Uganda (the extension of stay in Thailand for these nationalities cannot be longer than 7 days).

Thai Visa Extension: How to Extend Your Stay in Thailand

Each stay in Thailand can be extended only once!

Important note! Possibility to extend your stay in Thailand normally cannot be used as an excuse for not having departure tickets within the required time when applying for Thai visa. You still need to have a proof of departure from Thailand within 15 days when applying for Visa on Arrival or within 60 days when applying for tourist visa at most of Thai embassies and consulates.

Where to apply for Thai Visa Extension

Applications for Thai visa extension must be submitted at any Thailand Immigration Office. Immigration offices can be found in all the main provinces of Thailand. The most popular immigration offices:

Other Thailand Immigration Offices can be found on the official website of Thai Immigration.

Application must be made in person!

Required Documents for Thai Visa Extension

When applying for Thailand visa extension, you must submit the following documents:

  1. Application form TM.7
  2. Passport
  3. Photo
  4. Application fee

You might also be asked to provide a valid phone number and Thai address to extend your Thai visa!

Visa Extension Application Form

Thai visa extension application form is called TM.7 “APPLICATION FOR EXTENSION OF TEMPORARY STAY IN THE KINGDOM”. The form can be downloaded here: Thai Visa Extension Application Form PDF.

On the application form you need to submit the following information:

  • Your title, family name, first name, middle name
  • Age in years and the date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport or travel document No., date and place of issue, valid until date
  • Type of visa used for your entry into Thailand
  • Type of transportation and the destination from where you came
  • Port of arrival and the date of your entry into Thailand
  • Arrival/Departure Card TM.6 No.
  • Number of requested days and the reasons of extension
  • Address in Thailand


Not only the original passport but also copies of specific passport pages are required when applying for Thai visa extension. You will need these copies:

  • passport BIO (photo) page,
  • passport page with visa (if any),
  • passport page with your last entry stamp
  • copy of departure card TM.6

In most cases you can get all your copies done at the place for as little as 1 Baht per page at the Immigration Office in Bangkok (can be higher at other offices). Normally the staff will know what exact copies are needed if you will tell them what you’re applying for.


When applying for Thailand visa extension, the required photo size is 4 x 6 cm. However, normally they are not too strict about this requirement. Your photo shouldn’t be older than 6 months.

At least at Thailand Immigration Office in Bangkok, photos can be made at the place.

Visa Extension Fee

Thailand visa extension fee is 1,900 THB. The application fee is the same for 30 day and 7 day extensions. Visa extension fee must be paid in cash and only local currency (Thai Baht) is accepted for payment.

Be noted that whether permission is granted or not, application fee won’t be refunded.

Steps of Getting Thai Visa Extension

The process of application for Thai visa extension in Bangkok normally takes just about 1 hour.

Thailand Immigration Office in Bangkok is open from 8:30 to 12:00 and from 13:00 to 16:30. It’s recommended to get there in the morning so you could finish the procedure before the lunch break.

The steps for getting your visa extended at Thailand Immigration Office in Bangkok are described below.

Step 1

Once at the immigration office, go to the counter and tell them that you want to apply for tourist visa extension. They will check your passport and give you the appropriate application form.

Step 2

Fill out both sides of the application form, sign it and attach your photo to the designated area of the form. Make all the required copies of your passport (if not prepared in advance).

Go back to the counter, present your documents and they will let you to proceed to the next room.

Step 3

In the next room you need to get a waiting number and wait for your number to be called.

Step 4

Once your number is called, go to the counter and present your application form with all the leading documents to the immigration officer. The officer will check your application and ask you a couple of questions. Pay the visa extension application fee - 1,900 THB (cash only).

Step 5

Go back to the waiting area and wait for your number to be called again. Once your number is called again, walk to the officer and pick up your passport. Your Thai visa extension will be stamped into your passport.

Don't forget that you must apply for visa extension before your stay permit expires!


Your Thailand tourist visa can be extended only once per entry. If you wish to stay longer, you'll need to make a visa run to one of the neighboring countries. You can get a fresh Single-Entry Tourist Visa in Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia or any other country in the region. For more detailed information about getting Thai visa there check:

If you will have trouble dealing with immigration, contact Bangkok Lawyer.

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